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Looking for Bold New Partners to Join the Fight Against Malnutrition

Despite significant progress in recent decades, malnutrition is still a huge barrier to children’s health and development around the world. The numbers speak for themselves: poor nutrition is an underlying cause of nearly half of child deaths, and leads to stunted development in 155 million children each year.

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Polio will be eradicated

Polio thrives in climates of neglect and indifference, but the world's refusal to accept its existence will drive it out wherever it may live.

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Innovative Immunization Training in Nigeria

Following the Teach to Reach summit, which focused on improving immunization training, immunization specialists share successes and lessons learned in their efforts to innovate and improve around immunization training in Nigeria.

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Libraries Improving Lives of Displaced Populations

Addressing needs of IDPs and refugees in places where no public library exists in the vicinity, a French-based charity Libraries Without Borders has designed “Ideas Box” – a highly mobile information toolkit reminding a modern library packed into several large boxes.

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Innovation: Finding the Problems and Solutions in the World Around Us

The invention of a spaceship that can make sophisticated discoveries 140 million miles away is an extraordinary feat on the part of the human race. But there are other extraordinary innovations that don’t require a billion-dollar piece of equipment. Sometimes, all they require is stuff that’s just lying around.

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