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Global efforts over the last decades have contributed to dramatic declines in malaria around the world. Progress is also being made on the scientific front; new tools for controlling the disease are now being tested. By investing in proven malaria-control programs and accelerating promising research, we can move closer to the long-term goal of eradicating the disease.

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Innovation: Expanding the Fight Against Malaria

When your goal is just to reduce illness and death caused by malaria, you’re likely to focus most of your energy on Plasmodium falciparum – the deadliest and most common parasite behind the disease. But when you’re trying to end malaria for good – eradicate it from the face of our planet – you have to tackle malaria in all its forms, including P. vivax. This presents additional challenges that require innovation.

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Innovation: Everything Old is New Again

When we think about scientific innovation, we tend to imagine the future: new drugs, ground-breaking methods, technologies that push the boundaries of what is possible. But good researchers don’t just look forward; they also reach into the past for inspiration—sometimes centuries into the past. That’s exactly what Dr. Miguel Prudêncio and his colleagues at Lisbon’s Instituto de Medicina Molecular are doing to create a approach to malaria vaccine development: they’re taking their cue from the very first vaccine.

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What’s It Like to Have Malaria in a Remote Area?

It was late at night, but the boda boda arrived very quickly, which was important as Jalia was so sick.

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PMI Is a Vital Partner to End Malaria

PMI excels at delivering our best tools quickly and efficiently to the people at greatest risk.

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Herding mosquitos, peanut butter antibiotics, and LEDs that guess your age – just a few of the great ideas funded in Grand Challenges Explorations Round 14

After seven years and 14 rounds of Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE), you might think we’re finding the world to be out of big, bold ideas. But the challenge of “One great idea, $100,000 to prove it” continues to strike a chord with innovators around the world. This round, we received over 1,800 applications from 109 countries presenting creative solutions to the six challenges we posed. We are pleased to announce 52 awards to researchers in 19 countries.

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